Why invest in real estate when the market is down?

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When buying a home, it’s never easy to time the market for the ideal purchase. Real estate has observed some ups and downs over the course of recent years. People who purchased property a few years ago know the pain of investing in an upmarket. Investing in real estate when the market is down can be very rewarding for the investor.

Any individual makes an investment when the markets are curbed and low. When it comes to purchasing real estate, the best time to buy is when markets are down. Real estate is among the industries that have been reserved for support. This way things will improve and the prices will rise. Investing in real estate at the present time is a smart investment decision. Another important reason to invest in real estate is because of rentals.

Due to the recession, there are loads of opportunities for those intending to buy real estate. It is beneficial to purchase investment properties in other cities as well. Mentioned below are some reasons why it’s currently a good time to invest in real estate:

1.    Home loan interest rates are low.
2.    Individuals prefer houses to apartments.
3.    Tenants often prefer private landlords.
4.    Most people would prefer to rent from a good private landlord. 
5.    Real estate prices are at a low.
6.    In many markets, real estate is pretty cheap. Considering that housing is generally a big expense, people consider relocating to an area where they can get a nice property for a reasonable price. 
7.    Real estate is a great long-term investment.

Regardless of the crisis, real estate is a great long-term investment., Real estate is a value much higher than it was before. Furthermore, having tenants makes it easier to pay the home loans and it makes the investment more profitable.

Here are a couple of tips to remember when purchasing real estate in a down market:

1)    Present-day inflation rates are low: Looking at the future, one can’t be guaranteed that the circumstance will remain like the present day. The possibility that inflation rates might go up is high.  So, it is always advisable to invest when the rates are low.
2)    Real estate is considered to be an appreciating asset, one which yields good returns on investment. Real estate provides the best long-run investment. When it comes to resources, real estate is always been a good bet – be it for regular income in the form of rentals, or for capital value. Real estate has always been right at the top of the Indians’ investment list irrespective of the changes in the market. 

The ongoing slowdown is part of business cycles which will eventually kickstart the economic growth. The inherent interest in real estate is directly linked to the growth, which makes it the best investment option. The decision to invest or buy real estate sounds rational.

Reason to buy in a down market:

•    To move up to a more expensive home in a down market is easy.
•    The longer you wait to sell your home, the lower the price of the home fall, making the more expensive home out of reach.
•    If you sell and buy simultaneously, the lower price on the more expensive home is prominent than the loss on the sale. 

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