Why is India Real Estate market stagnant?

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The real estate sector is believed to be collapsing because of the increasing costs of financing. As India marches towards an urban future, worries about the quality of urban living are the topmost priority for policymakers. Real estate projects in India require a long time to complete because of a complicated and corrupt administrative system.  The reasons why the real estate market in India is on the path of stagnation are listed below:


  1. Unattractive/Negative ROI: The returns on investments in residential real estate have dropped significantly over the last few years. This normally keeps investors at bay 


  1. The Economic Slowdown: This has a direct connection to business creation and job security in India. Cash conservation is the necessity of the day in a country where citizens are uncertain of getting a job or having job continuity. 


  1. Lack of Faith in Under-construction Properties:  The burden of heavily delayed and terminally stuck residential projects on the market is both a cause and effect with regards to low homebuyer assessment. Under-construction homes were already Indian homebuyers' default decisions because of the more competitive costs.


  1. Unfavorable Loan-to-value Ratio: The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio that is the amount of loan that can be given for a property is now restricted.  The real estate sector has fallen prey to the dynamic of cash-conservativeness.


  1. Stagnant Job Market: The issue of low employment creation poses a potential threat in India, despite the fact that the economic growth rate is anticipated to be the highest. A stagnant job market directly affects the sentiment of homebuyers who have to make large investments in purchasing a residential property. 


  1. The Anticipation of a Significant Price Correction: The end-clients are keen on placing cash into a deteriorating resource. The residential housing prices have already bottomed out.   Developers need working capital to finish their ongoing projects. The lack of buyer interest for under-construction homes deprives developers of one of the previously customary interest-free capital raised directly from the market. This dynamic perpetuates the endless cycle of the overall slowdown in the sector.  Buyers oppose to invest in under-construction homes, projects get delayed due to lack of funding, and zero construction progress further dampens the buyer sentiment. 


  1. Demonetization: Demonetization has not wiped out this practice as intended.  the predominantly salaried middle-class prefers to execute via transparent authority channels - and end-user deals alone are insufficient to revive the housing sector. 


  1. Growing Awareness of Other Investment Options: For India’s residential housing market, the property has been the default go-to option for expensive investments. With real estate's fading appeal, investors are exploring new options and have found them to be quite fulfilling. For instance, investment in a start-up is more beneficial. as the potential ROI makes more sense. Mutual funds provide good returns and the entry-level is sufficiently low to be affordable to many.


The sales are registered largely to end-users who got good deals and were tired of waiting. Developers have to seek clearances from numerous departments. They have to ensure compliance with a variety of rules and regulations. There are serious delays in granting permits. 


Real estate and land developers are heavily litigated. Projects remain stuck in the legal entanglement for prolonged periods. therefore, the construction projects in Indian cities take too long to complete. These delays get costly if construction and land costs are financed through loans at very high-interest rates.


Stagnation or Slump is only a state of mind. Since the prices are rising, people are not able to bear the cost of buying a house, and hence they consider renting, which is an effective secondary market in India.  Economic activity in India is on the rise.


It makes little to no sense to hold builders and developers as solely responsible for the slowdown in the real estate sectors. it is the customers who have changed. Robust demand, attractive opportunities, and increasing investments are driving the residential and commercial real estate demand in India. 


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