Divine City

At the heart of the country near Nagpur, the Bramhakumari Mission created an oasis for those on a spiritual quest- Their biggest meditation and retreat center, the building is an axis for spiritual activity and mindfulness. Right next to the centre is a blessed land you could call home. Introducing Divine City, a beautiful land blessed with natural abundance and spiritual energy.




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Tech Specs

  • Total Land Area - 21 Acres
  • Total Plots - 238
  • Open space (KH.NO-158/1 & 158/2) - 2246.28 sq.mt.
  • AMENITY SPACE - 2236.44 sq.mt.
  • Open space ( KH.NO-161) - 4529.15 sq.mt.
  • AMENITY SPACE - 4639.99 sq.mt.


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