Founder's Message

"Use businesses to build the people and not the people to build the businesses!"  

Mr. Sudhir Pyati

Founder and Chairman

With a Diploma in Industrial Electronics from the University of Aurangabad, Post his stint with Wipro, our founder entered the real estate world and the rest is history. 

In January 2013, he started Oshian Realtors India Pvt Ltd, currently operational in six major cities across Maharashtra, with core values of integrity, innovation, transparency, customer centricity, and humility at the center of the business.

Mr. Sudhir Pyati finds his greatest bliss in nurturing others and helping them experience their true self and go beyond.

An entrepreneur with an unstoppable force, a magnanimous mentor and leader, infectious confidence, a sought-after presenter, and a speaker are all titles synonymous to him.

In this journey, he intends to stand to help people achieve their dreams by touching people’s lives in the truest sense. He has single-handedly inspired the corporation to become Central India’s most trusted real estate developers

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