Our Story




We are living by a bold purpose of creating a easy way to your dream home. With our distinctive experiences, we understand the role we play in bringing a purpose to your life. Our cultural values and norms define our standards of operation and guide our determinations.

A humble beginning to colossal intentions

Mr. Sudhir Pyati started his professional journey as a salesperson. He went door to door to sell soda- maker machines. But the dream of going beyond the conventional business model is what gave wings to his dreams.

Many tryouts leading to one successful solution

On his journey to success, he explored many business models, until he attains the solution that provided him Solace & gave the right direction to his future. On this journey, he realized the true potential of REAL ESTATE and its enormous capability to add purpose to the lives.

Building a history of innovative Realtors

Oshian Realtors serves as the unique platform for new budding talents in the field of real estate. We help many people to become entrepreneurs and realize their dreams with proper training and guidance and make them financially independent to lead a better & successful life.

A unified vision for all

The Oshian family works as a single unit with a vision of ‘Giving Hope and Manifesting dreams’

The joy of powerful strategic alliance

With the belief of joining hands with businesses and creating fruitful alliances for overall growth, Oshian Realtors brings to table nothing but strong and powerful strategies for expansion and acquisitions.

Different cities, one trusted name

In 2013 Oshian Realtors India Pvt Ltd. came into existence with its first pioneer project " Oshian Marvel" at Nagpur, its headquarters, & went on expanding to several major cities of Maharashtra including wiz Nagpur, Aurangabad, Pune with an aim to providing tailor-made unique solutions offerings based on the buyer's needs.

Client's request is our top priority

We at Oshian Realtors recognize our client as the prime source of our existence. We are always ready to run that extra mile to deliver and achieve the epitome of customer delight. We, at Oshian Realtors, believe ‘What’s good for our Clients is always good for us’.

Building strong communities

With our own unique way, we aim to build strong communities and contribute to the vitality of the communities. Team members at Oshian get the real perspective of ‘exploring themselves’ while learning & contributing to creating a change.

Building a sustainable and impeccable future

Oshian Realtors are always on ‘expansion mode’. We are always looking for budding, dynamic & enthusiastic Entrepreneurs with commitment to deliver problem-solving solutions, catering to innovations and passion.